ZH Uptown Girl 831
AAA #: 16192044

We are extremely proud to feature ZH Uptown Girl 831 as the newest addition to our donor lineup. “831” has been an extremely prolific donor cow and we are excited to have embryos by the Angus sires: PVF Insight 0129, Stevenson Rockmount RX933, GDAR Wisdom 377 and Simmental sires: Yardley High Regard W242 and Remington Lock n Load 54U. This cow is durably constructed and offers an abundance of skeletal width and rib shape in an outcross pedigree package.


ZH Barbie Girl 717
AAA #: 15824939

Every so often a female who is truly special comes along. This photo was taken after “717” raised a set of twin bull calves which highlighted our 2017 sale! Her flawless design, maternal power and ability to raise high selling bulls and heifers solidified our decision to enroll her in our embryo program. This Pathfinder cow has delivered every time she has been mated and we are excited for the possibilities to come!


HABR Miss Alabama A337
ASA #: 2793788

There is one word to describe HABR Miss Alabama A337, “uncommon.” She has always been different, and we love her for it! It’s easy to get caught staring as she possesses a stunning presence which has captured and held the attention of judges and bystanders and she claimed titles nearly every time out. “Miss Alabama” has incredible feet and impressive substance, width and shape from any angle while being uniquely flat shouldered and feminine. As a homo black, homo polled 3/4-blood the mating options are truly endless and we are excited to embark on what is sure to be an exciting journey with this promising female.


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