S Thrive JAS 5515
AAA #: 18159105

After accumulating many miles evaluating cattle from reputable operations, we are excited to introduce S Thrive JAS 5515 as our selection from the 2016 Spickler Ranch production sale. Much excitement surrounded “Thrive” this spring and we are fortunate to have him covering cows in our pastures. “Thrive” is an extremely gentle, performance-oriented Angus bull who is suitable for use on heifers. What could be more exciting is his maternal lineage as he descends from five generations of good uddered cows in conjunction with four Pathfinder dams close in his pedigree. His outstanding dam is indicating her intent to carry on this rich tradition. Semen available.
GDAR Wisdom 377
AAA #: 17526356

After our bull sale in March of 2014, Ian headed back to his internship in Montana and made a stop at Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch on the way and sent a message saying he had found our next herd bull. Zac sorted through the bulls the following week and without previously comparing notes, both agreed there was one bull we needed to buy – Lot 12. We felt “377” was a standout individual for his impeccable structure, skeletal width and he combined this power with eye appeal and a balanced set of EPD’s that fit the direction we wanted to take our Angus program. We weren’t the only ones to find him that day as the gavel dropped at $17,000! His progeny come easy and are vigorous at birth. Sons have topped our sale in 2016 and 2017 and daughters are moderate-framed, easy doing females. Semen available!

S Summit 151
AAA #: 17008051

The standout lead-off son of S Summit 956 in the 2012 Spickler Ranch bull sale who we purchased for $14,000. S Summit 151 possesses a very intriguing pedigree as he combines both “VRD” and “365” in a calving ease package along with impressive performance and marbling EPDs. Not only are we totally comfortable using “151” on heifers and high BW cows, but we are impressed with the balance, growth and eye appeal he transmits along with excellent Angus breed character. His dam has been a consistent, productive cow at Spickler Ranch and has navigated her way to their donor pen. The first sons were well received at our first bull sale and the daughters are developing into productive young cows with beautiful udders!

S Chisum 8251
AAA #: 16193070

S Chisum 8251 was our selection from the first set of “Chisum” sons offered at Spickler Ranch in 2009 and he has not disappointed us. “8251” is perfect in his foot design and will add base width, mass and real performance to a set of cows. If you like muscle, mobility and massive bellies, you will be drawn to his calves. Progeny have gained 4#/d on grass with no creep and a daughter caught the eye of many cattlemen in the show ring in the summer of 2012. We are happy with his influence in our Angus and Simmental-composite cattle!


S Game Day 9163
AAA #: 16463971

S Game Day 9163 is sired by GDAR Game Day 449 and out of S Queen Essa 208, one of the favorite donor cows at Spickler Ranch. His progeny come easy and look the part at weaning. They are moderate, easy fleshing and maintain an attractive look. We were expecting big things from his daughters and they are not disappointing us! They are docile, moderate framed cows with perfect udders. We are finding a strong suit for “9163” daughters is to be used to make Sim Angus cattle! They are the right kind, in the pen, and on paper!

MC Cumber 172K N Trend 4177

AAA #: 14797997

We purchased “4177” in 2005 and he has become a cornerstone to our commercial and registered herds. His daughters are big ribbed, easy fleshing, fertile and heavy milking and his steers have proven to be the type to gain in the feedlot and kill with high carcass merit. Most of our Sim Angus females will trace to “4177” on the bottom side of their pedigrees. We have been happy to hear the “4177” females are working in the programs we have sold them in to as well! Semen available


BCLR Revelation D21-3
ASA #: 3168630

Revelation is a different kind of beast. When we found him at Bichler Simmentals, it was as if our checklist for criteria to meet was complete. We find his kind to be rare, especially as a purebred Simmental: flexible, tremendous rib design, moderate in his frame and muscular. Combine these physical attributes with an uncommonly attractive phenotype and we have a special individual. Yet more impressive is his mother who is writing her own legacy in the Simmental breed. Adding her influence to our genetic battery was a no-brainer. When you compile these factors with his outcross pedigree and breed-leading EPDs, the opportunities are truly limitless and we are confident he will elevate our program to a new level. Semen available.


ASA #: 2882687

We needed an athlete to cover the rugged coulee pasture we run our Simmental-influenced cows in. With multiple calf crops now weaned, we know we drafted the right bull for our operation. Before the sale, Lacey Robinson described him as a “powered-up Angus” which is exactly our goal with the Simmental side of our operation. What made us even more excited was learning about his impressive donor dam and hearing astute cattlemen tell us they were very impressed with the females out of his flush! His daughters possess balanced EPDS and have a maternal look as they prepare to calve in 2018. In addition, his sons have been well-received on sale day. Semen available.


ASA #: 2889773

We knew we had a special one on our hands from the time this guy was a little calf. A lot of miles are put on looking at sire groups and strategizing for bulls to use in our program. It was a good feeling to find one who was so good phenotypically and uniquely combined an outstanding set of EPDs. And he was standing in our bull pen… You will drive miles upon miles to find a bull better designed than HABR Boomtown B434 and he possesses EPDs in the top 3% of the breed in six traits. His dam knocked it out of the park her first time out and we are very excited to experience the progress from this genetic line of SimAngus cattle.




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